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2019 Hurricane Season Names:
Andrea Barry Chantal Dean Erin Fernand Gabrielle Humberto Imelda Jerry Karen Lorenzo Melissa Nestor Olga Pablo Rebekah Sebastien Tanya Van Wendy

Days Until The 2019 Hurricane Season

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Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
Category Wind Speed Storm Surge
  mph ft
5 ≥157 >18
4 130–156 13–18
3 111–129 9–12
2 96–110 6–8
1 74–95 4–5
Additional Classifications
Tropical Storm 39–73 0–3
Tropical Depression 0–38 0
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is a classification used for most Western Hemisphere tropical cyclones that exceed the intensities of "tropical depressions" and "tropical storms", and thereby become hurricanes. Source: Intellicast

Beaufort Wind Scale

Number Of Storms Per 100 Yrs

Atlantic Basin Storm Count Since 1850

Atlantic Basin Storm Count Since 1850

Hurricane Strike Percentages

[Map of return period in years for hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles] Estimated return period in years for hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles of various locations on the U.S. Coast

[Map of return period in years for major hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles] Estimated return period in years for major hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles of various locations on the U.S. Coast

CONUS Hurricane Strikes

[Map of 1950-2011 CONUS Hurricane Strikes] 1950-2011 CONUS Hurricane Strikes (Courtesy of NCDC)

Lookup Historic Hurricane Tracks

Hurricane Katrina Track 2005

Typical Tropical Cyclone Origins and Track By Month

June Hurricane Climatology

July Hurricane Climatology

August Hurricane Climatology

September Hurricane Climatology

October Hurricane Climatology

November Hurricane Climatology

2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially Ends

2018 Hurricane Season Tracking Map

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is OVER! Despite almost all major forecasting groups calling for a BELOW average season this year was actually an ABOVE average season and was the third consecutive above-average damaging season. These groups were banking on cooler than normal sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic and the anticipated development of […]

2018 Hurricane Season Forecasts

2018 Hurricane Season Forecasts

The 2018 hurricane season begins June 1.

Most initial forecasts project that the number of storms will be above average, and several forecasts indicate an above-average likelihood that a major hurricane will make landfall in the Caribbean, the Gulf Coast, or the US East Coast. For residents still picking up after the hurricanes Harvey, Irma, […]

3 new changes for the 2018 Hurricane Season

1.) Annual update to the track forecast error cone.

One of the biggest changes this hurricane season will be adjustments to the NHC’s hurricane track map, or what most people call “The Cone of Uncertainty”. The cone will shrink.

The size of the tropical cyclone track forecast error cone for the Atlantic basin will be […]

5 Major Changes In 2017 Coming to Hurricane Season Forecasts

5 major changes and improvements coming to the 2017 Hurricane Season Forecasts

As the 2017 Hurricane Season approaches the NHC has announced 5 major changes coming in 2017, with some of the improvements having been in the works for decades!

1.) The Issuing Of Watches, Warnings and Advisories Before Storms Even Form.

The NHC will issue advisories for systems that have yet to develop but pose a […]

Still Watching For Possible Tropical Development In Gulf Between June 5th and June 10th…

***MODEL WATCH*** Good afternoon y’all!! For the past couple weeks I have been talking about a possible storm in the Gulf at the beginning of June to start the 2014 Hurricane Season and models still continue to show this possibility…

Here is the latest GFS that just ran today 5-30-14 12Z showing a possible […]

Continuing to Monitor The NW Carribbean For Possible Development…

***MODEL WATCH 5-26-14*** The GFS, FIM and CMC today continue to show development coming out of the Caribbean somewhere between June 2nd – 6th timeframe. The CMC today is the most aggressive showing a possible Tropical Storm in the Gulf June 3rd an…d the GFS just showing a disturbance/depression at most. Right now with models […]

2014 Hurricane Season Forecasts by NOAA, CSU, TWC, GWO etc…

NOAA today released their 2014 Hurricane Season Forecast calling for an average to below average season… The main driver of this year’s outlook is the anticipated development of El Niño this summer. El Niño causes stronger wind shear, which reduces the number and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes. El Niño can also strengthen the […]

Model Pages Added To LHC!

Hey guys I’m still working hard on this new website and wanted to let y’all know about an excellent new addition… new model pages that are updated daily with the latest GFS, EURO and CMC (GEM) model runs! In the image I pointed out the location of the page links on my site to help […]

Welcome To Track The Tropics!

Hey y’all I have been working on a website for the Facebook page. Welcome to… easy to remember right?? I just started adding content to it so there will be much more added in the future like blog posts, more graphics, model runs, links etc… this is just the start. It will help everyone […]


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Gulf / East Coast Radar Loops

Western Gulf Coast RadarWestern Gulf Coast Radar Central Gulf Coast RadarCentral Gulf Coast Radar Eastern Gulf Coast RadarEastern Gulf Coast Radar East Coast RadarEast Coast Radar Northeast Coast RadarNortheast Coast Radar

Tropical Intensity Index

Wind Shear

Favorable Conditions for Development

12 Hour Forecast 12 Hour Favorable Conditions for Tropical Development Forecast

24 Hour Forecast 24 Hour Favorable Conditions for Tropical Development Forecast

48 Hour Forecast 48 Hour Favorable Conditions for Tropical Development Forecast

72 Hour Forecast 72 Hour Favorable Conditions for Tropical Development Forecast

Saharan Air Layer (Dry Air)

Saharan Air Layer (SAL)
Saharan Air Layer (SAL)

Global Jet Stream & 250 mb

Vertical Wind Shear

Current Sea Surface Tempatures

Sea Surface Temps
Sea Surface Temps

Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Sea Surface Temperature Analomy
Sea Surface Temps Anomaly

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Wind Shear
Wind Shear
Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Live Current and Future Winds

Current Wind Shear

Wind Shear
Wind Shear

Shear Tendency Past 24 Hours

Wind Shear

Future Shear Forecasts

24 hour Future Wind Shear

48 hour Future Wind Shear

72 hour Future Wind Shear

Vertical Wind Shear

Vertical Wind Shear
Vertical Wind Shear

Current Wind Direction

ASCAT Data (Ascending/Descending)

Ascending ASCAT

Descending ASCAT

Ocean Currents

Atlantic Sea Height / Waves

Atlantic Sea Height / Waves
Atlantic Sea Height / Waves
Atlantic Sea Height / Waves